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Students who move better, do better

Active wellbeing programs backed by leading academic instiutions that positively influence classroom learning and development. 

Moovosity uses the power of movement and physical literacy to deliver improved health, wellbeing and academic outcomes.

Our ‘active wellbeing’ programs and content – developed in partnership with leading academic institutions – positively impacts classroom learning and development, provides access to best practise HPE curriculum resources and builds positive student habits in the remote setting.

Classroom breaks made easy

Deliver student wellbeing and learning outcomes with lightning quick access to trusted brain breaks and cross curricular learning activities.

  • Libraries of imaginative and engaging video content – ad free and completely secure.
  • Categories to support mindfulness, refocusing and energisers that include dance, breathing activities and outdoor play. 


One stop shop for Physical Education

Take your PE planning, delivery, assessment and reporting to the next level with an end-to-end digital solution that fosters competence and confidence in every student.

  • Video enabled Lesson Plans – complete with Learning Intentions and Success Criteria.

  • Student-level assessment and observations; Progress Reports for skill assessment, end of Term & Semester rubrics.

Empower your community of families

Be the champion for change by providing families with access and connection to trusted, engaging movement content in the home environment.

  • Bring your living room to life with MoovTV – providing movement based activities for an indoor, home based setting.

  • Access to Moovosity’s home-based app containing libraries of age appropriate, skill based games modified for the backyard and individual or family play. 


Our Partners

Moovosity is exclusively powered by the WellBe platform. Measure and facilitate student health and wellbeing outcomes with Moovosity by submitting your enquiry below.

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