The complete Physical Education solution

Moovosity provides high quality, interactive resources to enhance PE outcomes for specialist PE and class room teachers. 

Getting started with quality PE is easy!

Moovosity has been built by specialist PE teachers to serve the needs of all primary school teachers. Inspire quality movement and student engagement through our flexible membership approach.  

Term 1, 2022 Inclusions

Foundation to Yr6 term planners.

Units and lesson plans covering:

Social & Emotional Learning, FMS and Outdoor Adventure

Assessment tools and resources.

Member Benefits

Pay-by-the-term or Annual pricing

Fully planned, two-year scope and sequence.

A growing library of resources and lessons.

Exclusive member benefits.

Unlimited teacher access including relief teacher login. 

A complete PE solution, flexible to your needs. 

Moovosity members enjoy the option of following our detailed Term Planners connected to a two year scope and sequence, or simply accessing programmed units of work to incorporate into their own teaching needs. We’ve made this super easy, with a pay-by-the-term membership model that means you only pay when you want to use it.  

Annual membership also includes ongoing access to our backlog of resources and activity libraries. 

    Pain free PE planning

    Our online resources contain curriculum mapped term planners for Foundation/Prep through to Year 6, following a two year scope and sequence with rotating content for odd and even years.  

    Our specialist PE team has designed detailed units of work and curriculum mapped lesson plans that give teachers a quality, progressive teaching program as well as the flexibility to incorporate into their own sequenced program.  

    And we’ve done the hard work for you – all of Moovosity’s content is supported by clear learning intentions, focus areas, success criteria and teaching strategies.

    Interactive Content

    Membership includes access to Moovosity’s library of age related, instructional activity videos to support teaching practices.

    Our videos bring learning to life with narrated examples of high quality PE activity to enhance student engagement and understanding.

    Members can also access Moovosity’s library on-demand and search our extensive catalogue by PE thematic.    

    PE Assessment at your finger tips

    Moovosity has all your assessment support covered which includes:

    • Progress Report examples covering the core body management & movement skills. Progress reports are mapped to our units of work.
    • Year level competency checklists.
    • Downloadable end of Term and Semester assessment rubrics.   

    Classroom Mini Moovs Bonus!

    Bring high quality movement into your classrooms with our very own movement breaks.

    These ‘plug and play’ gems are designed to optimise both health and learning outcomes, and are themed to energise, re-focus or calm students for productive classrooms.   

    Membership Pricing

    Our flexible memberships packages are designed for all teaching needs

    Register now for Moovosity’s Term 1Membership and enjoy 10 weeks of fully planned units, additional content and resources.

    The 10 week, Term 1, 2022 Planner includes:


    • Foundation and Yr 1&2:  Social and Emotional Learning and FMS Development with units covering Balance, Underhand Throw and Connection Games
    • Yr 3 & 4, and Yr 5 & 6: Social and Emotional Learning with units covering Physical Activity and Outdoor Adventures. 
    • Assessment support with Competency checklists, Progress Reports and End of Term Rubrics
    • Moovosity’s very own “Mini Moov” classroom brain breaks
    • Our comprehensive activity library.


      PLUS  All our annual members receive access to Moovosity’s back catalogue of units, lessons and activities.  

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