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Moovosity is passionate about creating fun and engaging resources that are grounded in academic credibility and research. In building our Physical Education solution we have also called on the expertise and experience of leading educators with the know-how, proven performance and inspiration to deliver our best-in-class solution.

Our Content

Moovosity’s Physical Education and movement content has been designed in partnership with the University of QLD and the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences.

This partnership ensures that in addition to being highly engaging and fun for all students.

Each activity has been carefully crafted to be age and skill appropriate, deliver on core curriculum requirements and foster both physical activity and physical literacy outcomes.


Our Evidence

We know it works! Moovosity commissioned a randomised controlled trial with research partner QUT to test the efficacy on improving FMS proficiency.

Now published in academic journal Sports Sciences, in as little as 8 weeks the Moovosity activity program was shown to have significantly positive effects on locomotor skills, object control skills and overall physical activity levels.

Our Team

Moovosity is built by teachers, for teachers. Our team of passionate PE specialists has over 35 years of teaching experience, professional development, and sport coordination roles with some of Australia’s leading schools and education bodies.

Most importantly of all, they are united by the common bond of the power of movement, and this passion is reflected in the care, consideration and energy inserted into every one of our curated lesson plans.

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